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>Oluf Christensen - mobbeforedrag<

Oluf Christensen is a 37 year old , born in Odense , then he has lived in several places in Denmark and thus also gone to many different schools .

In 8 class came Olufsen at a new school where it went wrong , and the bullying began. For 8 months underwent Olufsen one of the worst times in his life, with psychological bullying. As Olufsen gave up and decided to change schools with the support of his parents, he was told by his teacher that he jumped over the fermentation was lowest . The class teacher had no idea of ​​what was actually happening in the classroom.

Bullying was to blame for Oluf Christensen through teens got inferiority and lost faith in himself, and was often a great excuse and very uncertain.

In January '97 debuted Oluf Christensen Kulcaféen , where he threw himself into stand- up comic Ken noble art . Then it is gone start browsing .

The experience greatly , ranging from private birthday events to corporate parties , clubs , venues and lectures . Five years of experience in youth entertainment in overcrowded tents, heats of musical tours can also be added to the list .

Oluf Christensen has also been master of ceremonies at concerts with everything from Lotte & Sean, and Danny Cool to Bdr. Olsen.

He keeps Stand-up lectures on bullying and youth problems.

Stand-up lecture YOUR LIFE YOUR CHOICE of Oluf Christensen

Oluf Christensen held 120 Stand-up lectures in 2004. This makes him one of Denmark's most used speakers .

In a very humorous way , keeping Olufsen lecture " Your life your choice" . A lecture aimed at young people , parents and professionals.

" Your life your choice" to pupils
A lecture on the wrong friends , feelings , bullying , crime - a lecture that is championing the fun, but at the same time stimulate young people to make the right choices in life. Oluf Christensen uses overheads , bills , pills, beer , drawings and students on stage to illustrate the message . A lecture is an ideal proposal for further debate . Dissemination most similar to stand-up comedy , but emotions and gravity also plays a significant role when the messages going out .

" Your life your choice" for parents
Teens are currently characterized more by the media and friends than their parents. Do you struggle to get to your children? Do not you understand their wants and desires? Do you feel strange , or experience just that the generation gap is insurmountable ?

Children need boundaries , values ​​and frameworks in order to function well. Is there a need for explanations , inspiration , advice and ideas - then the lecture with Oluf Christensen for you. The lecture is fun and entertaining, but also hugely pertinent and instructive.


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