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Erik Valeur " The seventh child "

Rarely have I read a book with such a finely tuned mosaic art as this novel debut of Erik Valeur on the estimated infant home Kongelund from which the children adoptable . This also means that in order to maintain the connections must be a conscious reader. There are jumps in time, but a close-knit composition technique holds together the novel.

The focus is on seven children who have in common the fact that they come to the world in standard hospital maternity ward B in 1961 , and that they should be adoptable . They know by adoption nothing about their past .

A crippled girl , Marie, has been at home and adopted by the leader .

Now receive a number of people an anonymous letter , which sets in motion the investigation into who the seven children's biological parents are . Èn - a John Bergstrand - can not find , and thus the novel in progress.

In the novel, says Erik Valeur alternating in first person with Marie as the central narrator in a number of chapters of the book that otherwise has an omniscient narrator , which constantly changed perspective and approach. Through this grip can also mood , the atmosphere in the depiction exchange . A wannabe journalist , a retired police detective , a sensation desire television star and an ambitious prime minister -in-waiting is also the focal point for whom the anonymous letter writer ?

Erik Valeur has made ​​sure that the book is both a fascinating and well-turned crime that keeps the reader in the breath to the last page , and partly a political novel, partly a real thriller with death , assassination and murder and also a fine collection of portraits of King Lund leaders and of the seven children , now in 2008 are adults at the center. This is an exquisite individual psychological character sketch of all persons . Often kept a kind of ironic distance with elements of satire to what is said , especially in the sections on politics and power structures.

Sharpest is the portrait of the imaginative, ruthless , cold -witted and mendacious Marie, who plays a leading role in a number of initiatives which secret of secret uncovered in logical order. Her motto is " Patience is the exclusion and misdannedes only ally ."

She will find out the truth , and it turns out to be both dangerous and costly approach especially refining your Erik Valeur let Marie lost between fiction and reality . The goal is simply unattainable , and therefore her existence first and last unsuccessful . She wants her unassailable freedom to make choices and have to be accountable in a world without God and the Devil , for with freedom comes responsibility . Only she and no system outside her legitimize her actions and choices.

Freedom has its reverse side , Marie , thereby distancing himself from everything and everyone . She embodies the plain rationalism that little shipwrecked in life because she despises morality , religion and the rights and do not know the irrational forces that live in her home .

But the novel by Erik Valeur is more than a thriller . There is depth and perspective in it, for it reveals a number of existential conditions that actually goes beyond gave up children's living conditions. The novel is at this level a tale of loss, identity and loneliness of those who , by virtue of the knowledge, in the name of truth gets out about the real situation , being rootless .

It is a novel about madness and grotesque human suffering and death for the sake of truth .


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