Jørgen Leth - cykelkulturforedrag


>Jørgen Leth - cykelkulturforedrag<

Just five years after he was hated by most of Denmark, Jørgen Leth more popular than ever before. Yesterday opened the festival ' Moments meet ' in Kolding, who until Sunday shelves Leth's overall artistic work .

Not because he was sloppy with time - Jørgen Leth sloppy generally not very much - but because he just had to take a few minutes to talk to an elderly couple who stopped him on the street to praise the 73 -year-old filmmaker , writer, commentator and musician.

And this is not an isolated experience. In fact, Jorgen Leth never experienced so much popular support as he does now , whether he presents his films , standing on the live stage with Michael Simpson and friends or just walking around on the street. A popularity that is grown to full these days in Kolding at the festival ' Moments meet ', which opened yesterday and until Sunday celebrates the controversial artist .

"My art has become popular . Suddenly I become a rock star in my old age . I feel an excitement which so much going on behind me . It's not something I had intended , but I must have hit something in myself that affects many people, "says Jørgen Leth.

Although he always looked for the narrow and challenging in its art, puts Leth not hide the fact that he enjoys popular support . And he can not hide his pride in his artistic works now is the setting for a festival which runs over four days.

"It's overwhelming. I was very surprised that they would make a festival around all my work - both my movies , my books and my other activities. But you can not say no to that someone will pay tribute to one - I could certainly not . I think it's an interesting thought . "Says Jørgen Leth .

For many artists hangs greater popular support often along with that you turn down the most boundary pushing . But not for Lethbridge .

"I never aspired for a popular character , and it's not as if the popularity, I meet now , leads me to lower the threshold of my artistic ambition and my desire to experiment , he says, who consider themselves commentator role in the Tour de France has made him a better intermediary also has made his other projects more popular.

"It is an immensely satisfying experience. I have to admit . I'm used to fight against ignorance and just have my own loyal audience. Accustomed to being rejected because I tell in a different way than others and because my films are narrower than others . But now people are suddenly ready to accept what I do , "he said.

Five years after
The great popularity hits Jørgen Leth , less than five years after he was hated by most of the Danish population because of fragments in his autobiography "The imperfect man" in which he describes his relationship with a 17- year-old girl in Haiti .

Under headlines such as ' Held 17 -year-old as sex slave ' and ' Suffering Basse ' included Ekstra Bladet and Politiken in the creation of Jorgen Leth as a person , he is by no means even recognize . He was fired as a commentator on TV2 , retired as consul and postponed its planned film " The erotic people ." A movie now with several years of delay hits the big screen in Denmark in November.

Today believes Jørgen Leth saying that the media hype has made him stronger as a person and artist.

"I have been strengthened by it. I've never been all the way down , I have never regretted anything I 've done what I could do. I feel I have been more prepared , and that I am probably on my feet and do what I want, without regard to the onslaught , "he said , without concealing the unpleasant period was for him .

"Back then it was very shocking to me . I felt that I could not show myself in public. I could not just go out on the town hall square and cry , it's all a lie . It was impossible for me to speak . It was a wave that just me rinsed away , and it is clear that it was startling . '

When the fuss flared up , went Jørgen Leth two months underground. Here he experienced include strong support from Lars von Trier, who offered to produce his just deferred movies, like von Trier publicly went out and backed Jørgen Leth up to the delight of the protagonist himself .

After two months abroad , he returned to Denmark to go on stage at Vega in Copenhagen with Abdullah S. It was mainly to observe an old one , but the concert was a great satisfaction to Leth, who saw that he still had a popularity - at least among the audience at Vega .

" From the moment I regained confidence , that I would come back, " he said.

Since then really got turbo on his artistic work . Especially in the last year in which Jørgen Leth is exploding in creativity and keeps many Autobiography Lecture . He has published a new book with Morten Sabroe , has released a new CD with the band ' left right here , " and he is ready with the' erotic Meneske ', which has Danish premiere at Copenhagen Dox 3 November.

He welcomes the productivity that hits him at the moment, but stresses that there is no tactical agenda in the big profiling. Quite the contrary .
"I 'm afraid hybriseffekten . This year is so full of things that I manifest myself . From the Tour de France for my new movie , new books and concerts by Michael Simpson . Is there a saturation limit? Sheep people too much? I've been a little afraid , "said Jørgen Leth .

Yet he could not say no to a little extra profiling the weekend. He recognizes his art in both films , literature , storytelling and music as a package for decades . Therefore, he is fascinated by a festival that is based on the total work.

great recognition
In the same way , he discovers that film festivals and other film organizations abroad in a big way doing events where they display and interpret his films in a retro perspective. A great recognition , where only a problem.

"I think all the time that it is too early . I'm not finished. I have since not going to stop here . I still think I have some important things to do , "says Jørgen Leth .

73 -year-old he is here and there and everywhere this year. Right now with a festival in Kolding , celebrating his collected works of film , books and music. "I 'm afraid hybriseffekten . This year is so full of things that I manifest myself . From the Tour de France for my new movie , new books and concerts by Michael Simpson . Is there a saturation limit? Sheep people too much? I've been a little afraid , "he says.

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