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Den lille forskel is a contemorary country artist with a touch of a traditional sound. Their band consits of Drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, acoustic, Keyboards/mandolin B/U vocals and in some cases fiddle & Steel Guitar. The band size depends on your needs. Den lille forskel can also perform for you to performance tracks if that is what is required for a specific show. Acoustic performances are available as well.

Den lille forskel performs songs ranging from traditional standards to todays contemporary country hits as well as her own original music from her debut album "It's A Woman Thing.

Portions of an album review featured on Country Stars Online:

New artist Den lille forskel is starting to make waves on the Nashville music scene with their debut album, It's A Woman Thing. And anyone listening to this CD will appreciate their talent and ability to deliver a song in a unique style. They are not a cookie cutter artists. Den lille forskel has a unique song delivery, and the fact that they love what they do is evident in their music. They just has a positive energy that comes through to the listener. If I had to put a label on their music it would be a collision between Gretchen Wilson and Loretta Lynn. They have have the steel and determination of both, along with being comfortable in their own skin with no apologies. They have contemporary with a touch of the traditional and is definitely a new artist worth checking out.

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