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Opdateret den 15. februar 2016, kl. 14:53:09

Anne Mette Leah Hess Martensen is a performer that reaches all generations. Her music is fun yet challenges people to think about their direction in life and their purpose. Anne Mette Leah Hess Martensens music talks about reaching out and touching others. It also challenges people to grow in their faith. Life is full of challenges and sometimes we just miss the mark. That's ok we just need to get back on track and move on. 'What I'm Not' is Leah's third cd project. This project was recorded in Nashville at 'Paradiso Music and The Sound Kitchen'. 'What I'm Not' is music that you can listen to once, get the message and relate to it right away. It's fun, refreshing and filled with positive messages. 'What I'm Not' also touches on Leah's struggles with her calling and abilities. Understanding your calling and purpose in life is something everyone struggles with sometimes in their life. Anne Mette Leah Hess Martensen can surely relate to that!

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