>Peculiar String Band - irish folk - bluegrass<


Peculiar String Band - irish folk - bluegrass


Når du har udfyldt og sendt denne formular med dit ønske om nærmere information om Peculiar String Band, kontakter vi dig meget hurtigt.




Peculiar String has roots way back in the 70s, where they played in different constellations together and separately at people - and rock scenes / festivals around abroad and at home.

Hornfiffen curl Erik's Blues- Band, Savage Rose and Columbine will certainly awaken memories for most of the year.

In the year 2007 formed Peculiar String, the repertoire is wide and includes traditional Reels / Jigs / Irish ballads mixed with own compositions complemented by a vibrant Blue Grass - that timeless covers several century music - and yet very contemporary.

The evening will include stories, anecdotes and stories about the music being played


Andy Caver Mills: Guitar, flute, bodhrán, perc. and vocal. UK

Jens Peters: electric bass, upright bass, guitar. THE

Tuck Bergman: Guitar, mandolin and vocal. S

Rolf Mulde: 5-strings-banjo, mandolin, violin, guitar and vocal. NL

Ole Ped: Flutes, guitar, bodhrán and vocal. N

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