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Shows display pop, folk music - call it what you will.

The joy of life, and it sometimes raised eyebrows above the opposite, is the focus when
Christensen & Kanne FOLK BAND performs a repertoire consisting of mainly Danishsongs performed by four men with an average age of about 60 years.

In Christensen & Kanne FOLK BAND played additionally also individual songs from Jens Christensens back catalog, ranging from 40 to 45 years back in time, where British, Irish and American folk songs were the focus.

An evening with Christensen & Kanne FOLK BAND thus offers listening worthy shows and folk songs - exposed to a wide range of acoustic stringed instruments.

It's an excellent idea to bring both ears, smile and laugh lines to a concert with
Christensen & Kanne FOLK BAND.

Christensen & Kanne (duo) published in 2014 CD Happiness compote.
The CD contains new Danish music with texts by among others Christensen & Kanne, Niels Clausen, Sebastian, Thorstein Thomsen, Anders Roland and Peter Abrahamsen. CD focuses on Jens & Axels duosamarbejde and sometimes spiced with exciting new tones from talented session musicians. The song finally spring from the CD lay on the Danish top 15 weeks, even several times in 1st place.

The material in Christensen & Kanne FOLK BAND is built around Jens Christensens
Guitar and Axel Kannes accompaniment on dobro, guitar, ukulele choir, etc.

Bassist Ole Holst Andersen (he is the one who pulls the average age down) supplies
a solid base, good mood and extra harmonies and Ole Pettersson chipping in with choirs,
instrumental solos and a sound accompaniment to both the guitar, mandolin and oktavmandolin.

Jens Glindorf Christensen (1951)
Previously known as Jens Folk Singer, dating from the 1960s which Jens
gave his first public concert at age 16. Then came a number of years as a soloist
with the Irish and Scottish music as the favorite, and tours both in Scandinavia
and the English-speaking islands in the company of some of the great contemporary folk musicians
and Denmark in particular "Program 3", McEwan's Export "and Paddy Doyle - with whom
He still occur occasionally.

Since 1982 - after eighteen years as a duo with Erik Grip - the material consisted predominantly of Danish songs of recent date, which also formed the basis for the group
Troubadour gang repertoire from 1992 to 2008.

Axel Kanne (1950)
Axel started playing as 15/16 year. From the beginning, he was sure that folk music was the way forward. While all the other roots at home in the yard heard Rolling
Stones and Beatles sat Axel in the Room and heard Hank Williams and Bob Dylan.
How went there a few years until one day Axel randomly got in touch with some people who played Bluegrass and Oldtime music. Here there was not much need
a guitarist so Axel taught himself to play bass. It took him a part around
in particular to the United States and Quebec. Alongside was also interest in playing dobro.

Ole Holst Andersen (1967)
Ole has played music since he was 9 years old. The musical understanding and music theory
He learned the guitar. He began playing bass in the early 80s. Shortly after
he went though in war to learn to play the drums, and there found his musical identity.

For many years, then it was the drums that were the preferred instrument. But
neither the acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar or bass were neglected.
In the 90s he threw himself into folk music with acoustic guitar and electric bass.

Ole Pettersson (1953)

Pettersson colloquially, has been playing folk music since 1975 where he laid rock guitar
shelved in favor of the English folk / rock band Blacksmiths Band which was
inspired by Fairport Convention.
From 1983 to 1993 ole guitarist of the group La Bastringue in DK was poinerer with
the French / Canadian trad. music. In the years from about 1993 Ole also played in Paddy
Doyle and Ole player time still with the old boys from La Bastringue.

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