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James Sampson, is best known for his distinctive sound and talent. His music stimulates a wide varity of listeners. Experienced with performing in the public for over 20 years with various bands and more recently with his solo act. He has always charmed the audiences with his great vocal range and his sweet harmonious voice. At the age of 18 he began writing songs. In the summer of 2000 he had completed the tracks to his debut album titled, The Island. Reggae, Island, Rock and Country were some influential sounds for this upbeat album. Currently he just completed his second album, Someday. The mood is serenely happy and easy listening rock for listeners to enjoy. Song writing has always been implemented from his life experiences and family tribulations. Listeners can relate to this aspect of his music. Presently living in Montgomery County with his wife Deborah and daughter Jamie. He enjoys performing for local pubs in the area and writing new music

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