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Søren Ryge Petersen - foredragMost people know Søren Ryge as one of the countless TV hosts who make things and say a whole lot on the TV screen. It is not entirely wrong, for he made broadcasts in almost 30 years - most of gardens.

Other than just gardens - stories from Denmark
But it is also been for purposes other than gardens. In recent years there has been experiencing an increasing number of broadcasts is about people. Ordinary Danes who have - or is a good story. It can be Bette Anna from Randers or cheese dealer from Skagen. It's Uncle Aage from America and Henning from Haderslev. It is Evald with cabbage soup and Lis with animals.

A string of people to turn up for their everyday lives - in a way that most Danes are fascinated and can not help but peek.

It's about people
When Ryge makes the kind of television, there is always a larger process to find people and get them to tell.

In his lecture he will talk about just that: How did he forward with his rooks and Didde with elves? How did he made two days of talk for a half-hour television? And why is it so interesting to hear ordinary Danes talk about an ordinary life?

For the record: Anders and Julius will not be forgotten.