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Michael Wedgwood

Singer with guitar and great experience .

Hej Aage!

Jeg vil lige informere dig om, at Ældre Sagen havde en fantastisk aften med Michael Wedgewood. Han kan kun anbefales, publikum sang og "vuggede med" på hans musik og sang. Han var rigtig god til at variere det, så det Ikke blev for irsk, som han selv udtalte.

Med venlig hilsen

Jytte Fallesen

His repertoire makes an event or party into something DIFFERENT THAN THE USUAL ! Michael plays everything from Irish folk to 60's / 70's, country, blues , and more.

Michael Wedgwood has played live and in the studio along with some familiar names . Eg . Kiki Dee, Elton John, Moody Blues, mm . , And been in support bands for including Fleetwood Mac , Deep Purple , etc.

From receptions and parties to festivals, now plays Michael Wedgwood solo, in a duo and also with various bands .

Michael deliver something a little different than the usual , with memories of the 60s and 70s , Irish folk and ballads , with " sing- a-long" , and country, blues and rock.

Some names from the repertoire :
Dubliners , Ralph McTell , Eagles, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Elvis, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Creedence Clearwater , Simon and Garfunkel , Bryan Adams, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Kris Kristofferson ....... ...

Wedgwood Duo

Michael Wedgwood and Lars Schroeder 's duo in this English / Danish duo.

They play a very wide repertoire.

The instrumentation is guitar , bass, mandolin and vocals.

They play Irish, Scottish and other folk , pop / rock from the 50s 60s and 70s, country and blues .

The names include The Dubliners , The Beatles , Ralph McTell , Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Eagles and others from blues and country music .

Is the audience the mood for a little ' sing along ' are tracks from The Dubliners , Creedence Clearwater Revival, etc. , or you can dance to the sounds from their high 50s to 70s repertoire.

Michael Wedgwood has played in several popular British bands and have stayed in the United States . He played in Curved Air , Kiki Dee Band and especially Caravan, with whom he had a high position on the charts in England. He has also been support for blue . a Elton John, Deep Purple , Frank Zappa and Fleetwood Mac.

Lars comes from the music scene in Aarhus. He is also member of the popular trio Soul Meeting with whom He eventually played with for many years.

Over and above this repertoire may Wedgwood Duo also hired :
To play exclusively Scottish / Irish folk music.
At parties where they play make public and instrumental music during dinner, and of course good old Rock 'n Roll dancing .

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