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Peter Qvortrup Geisling was born in North Jutland in 1962 and graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in 1990 and the Medical Faculty at the University of Aarhus in 1992. Peter has for years been employed at the Danish hospital departments , National Board of Health and the Cancer Society.

2008 Peter Qvortrup Geisling presenter on " Diagnosis sought " which is also from DR1 .

Optimal search strategies for retrieving scientifically strong studies of diagnosis , for example . stress.

 Participants 170 journals for 2000, of which 161 were indexed .

 The main result of the diagnosis : Measures the sensitivity , specificity, precision ( " positive predictive value " ) , and the accuracy of 4862 unique expression of 17,287 combinations were determined by comparing with manual examination of all articles ( the "gold standard " ) in 161 journals published in 2000 (49.028 articles ) .

In 2003, Peter Qvortrup Geisling Cheerfulness Prize winner because he is in an easily understandable and happy way conveys even serious messages on the screen.

Authorship :

Around the doctor's table : Peter Qvortrup Geisling
 Around the doctor's table : The entire Danish TV doctor tells in this book about his many exciting experiences with some of the people he has met through his work. He wrote about some of the more specific diseases he encountered. He presents us also for a range of quirky stories from the world of medicine , strategies expressed his personal position on the Danish health and talks about how a program like Doctor's table becomes .

The Greenlandic adventure
 The Greenlandic adventure : The book tells the story of being organized , photographer and host of the program under extreme conditions. With the TV production were also a number of people with different backgrounds , among them also Peter Qvortrup Geisling , and has also written chapters for the book. The difference is clear , but the focus is constantly focused on the great adventure that all the participants found in Greenland .

On the way to East Greenland by Peter Qvortrup Geisling
When Reimer Bo out of the TV project ahead of schedule , the team need a new host for the program. The choice falls on the entire Danish television doctor. What he thinks, in the four days before he shipped off to East Greenland ?

Peter Qvortrup Geisling says in Greenland hazards lecture that the landscape in Northeast Greenland is exciting, especially the coastal landscape as a framework and precondition for the settlements that have set themselves as distinct traces in Northeast Greenland during the last 4500 years , and also reported on these comprehensive and enigmatic settlements in a country that today is going uninhabited by humans.

Preparations ahead of an expedition
Prior to the expedition , there is a lot of practical things to be done , says Peter Qvortrup Geisling . There shall be construed vital repositories for the expedition , and there must be someone who is always ready to come out if a problem occurs. It is Jeppe Handwerks 15 trip to Greenland , and he has a very special relationship to the land and its inhabitants.

The past frozen in rock and ice
The author has participated in 32 scientific expeditions to Greenland ice sheet and is a specialist in the ice sheet movements. In this article he writes about Greenland's unique nature , and the ice sheet as a historical archive of information about the Earth's development.

To roam eternity
The photographer and kite flying pilot. He talks about filming from his pagajet , a small airplane that consists of a parachute plus an engine strapped to the back. He has had important pictures of a famous expedition operator , Crown Prince Frederik, who is along for the ride , but suddenly everything is white , white, white

Between happiness and crying face
 The organizer of the program writes about making television during icy and very primitive conditions . So extreme that Reimer Bo choose the ride home instead of taking part in the expedition , and Peter Qvortrup Geisling must intervene. Preparations for the television program , however, has been planned for several years prior to travel. And there is a lot of money at stake. Here he writes about the difficult conditions, but also about Greenland's breathtaking beauty.

Denmark Expedition 1906-1908
Perhaps best known as a television host on DR 2 , Deadline, but here in the role of researcher on the historical details about the Denmark Expedition . Here she charts the Denmark Expedition protagonists, how the practicalities was during a polar expedition 100 years ago , and the expedition's success and failure.
In Denmark expedition sled track

Is former Sirius Chief and has served in Greenland for 37 years . When he was away on patrol , there was plenty of time to let your thoughts fly. Here he lets them fly free , both on his own time as an officer of Sledgepatrol Sirius, but also where to look for the dead from Denmark Expedition . His thesis is that you have always been looking in the wrong places without understanding the nature of the climate in Northeast Greenland. Studies of ice charts has confirmed his thesis says Peter Qvortrup Geisling .

Goodbye Greenland by Peter Qvortrup Geisling
Greenland gets a big impression in the people who visit the country . Because nature is so different than the Danish and therefore offers a completely different experience of nature. Geisling who was on the expedition of a cancellation , round out this book and tells what the expedition came to mean to him. Additionally, there are quotes from other members of the expedition that tells of Northeast Greenland.
  He does his best not to be so nice .
We did not manage quite well.

But otherwise there seems little that fail to television doctor Peter Qvortrup Geisling from DR popular broadcast Doctor's table .
Once a week, skip the charming North Jutland good form into the living rooms of well over half a million viewers , and yesterday enthralled him several hundred members of the OK Club and Heart Association in Hall's almost to the breaking point stoppered small hall .
The man who has been accused of being clothes - blind and would rather put on something easier shabby outfit than a stylish suit for fear of chasing male viewers on the run with an emanation of irritating smartness , it can be there to bring the grotesque , a little embarrassing or for other reasons taboo diseases and disorders down to a quite natural level, where they rightfully belong.

No one will come
And not even the most modest generation promises so much as an eyebrow , blushes shyly or utters least gasp when Peter Qvortrup Geisling scene familiar and relaxed juggle around with issues such as impotence , abortion, sex and women's reproductive organs .
The product , he seems so easy and painless selling on TV, he delivers also in reality - which is now , for example, in the Concert Hall yesterday.

It was a half hour with alternating serious issues , facts on the fingers and called the hospital records bitching - ' patient goes all day at home in a house . The only interest is riding that can only be practiced when the husband comes home ' - and something that resembled a call to a regular senior - mutiny against doctors who speak before they listen . If they listen .

- Well , the doctors do not have time , did more .

- Yes, they have. There is performed a study that says that only one percent of patients speak more than two and a half minutes , if that is not interrupted . Remember that you have paid for the health sector , stressing journalist doctor if lectures included jabs at both certain doctors and certain journalists.
- Doctors are craftsmen. All artisans make mistakes , it must just be clear . But just as there are journalists, I do not want to get into the clutches of , is that true for Virtue also doctors not to remove my appendix .

What, then , Peter Qvortrup Geisling even get crouches when he finally gets cut ?
Yes, it is, among other language , he could tell the audience. For Copenhagen viewers he Jutland , and for some of the Jutes , especially in his own homeland it looks good enough that he has sold his soul to the devil if not then at least to ' kjøvenhavnerne ' , and it may well be as wrong seen from the geographical point of view.
- Remember, it 's called stretched and not stretched, it has been sounding the pressure from several viewers who also pointed out that it is going to be even worse for the Danish youth , when a skilled presenter can not even speak the language properly.

Offensive speech
 And Christianity skills , it is probably also a bad way to when DR doctor can find to say on television and open the door to the tailbone is a relic from the days when humans were animals meant another viewer - right up to Easter.
Although these kinds of letters are treated with a tinge of humor, humility and seriousness all the time in the game . For now that there are some people who have committed some thoughts and even sat down and imprinted a letter.
So the criticism was the TV doctor alternately ' all right ' or ' completely fine ', while the letters in a steady stream slammed on the overhead projector at Hall's podium .
Well, Peter Qvortrup Geisling works well in many so perfect because he openly admits that he just is not.

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