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What makes a Vivienne McKee show?
A solo stand-up comedy performance tailor-made for your company lasting 30-50 minutes (or just tell her when to stop!).

Vivienne McKee entertained with jokes, anecdotes and songs in her own unique Danish / English style! The content of their stand-up comedy performance is tailor-made to suit the audience, with jokes about the internal affairs and staff of the company as well as Vivienne's own look at the Danes to lite their attitude to their strange addiction "hygge"!
 Finally, it is possible that one or two of the audience members are for a surprise, as Vivienne asks for active support on stage!

 This entertainment is ideal for an international audience and can be adapted to any situation and to the length of time requested
 (Up to one hour).

 Are you the crazy crazy, the Crazy Christmas Cabaret with Vivienne McKee in Tivoli Glassal something for you. With the show "Never say Bondage is not enough", London Toast Theater makes this guests visit the old Garden, having great fun with our all James Bond. The advantage is that there is plenty of fun at the plate almost delivery of film heroes par excellence. The downside is that we already know at least one James Bond movie - to keep up with, especially in the cast.

 The pace of the show is fast with a flaming crazy incident after another, so the audience is really going through a whole plot of a James Bond movie - although Napoleon Bonaparte also helps!

Mad tradition
This makes the text and the elegant wordplay also her where it should be noted that the overall value is played in English so that for example foreign business partner can also have a fun theatrical experience. Assuming that he is absolutely unpretentious.

 London Toast Theater with Vivienne McKee also visited the Glashaus in Tivoli last year. The time was Tarzan, went it over and over. 35,000 tickets sold in the first month, it was what the somewhat great popularity of the ensemble tells.

 When Vivienne McKee is working on a show, very concentrated. They spent a couple of years making the show, and it's highlights from this performance, which now appears to company celebrations.

 - People come to get money entertainment. The more subtle questions left out, she says.

 Although the lyrics are known and used, the show is not finished yet. There must be some test days before Vivienne McKee can present his show. This includes a technique to show to be in place. There are, for example, many video sequences during the show while they dress on.

 There are very, very many on the way.

 I've spent a couple of years doing this show. I've written in notebooks writing ideas, or I have ideas that have been running for years and stored in his head. I've been working. But most will be discarded again, I will not use it, unless I'm really excited about it, says Vivienne McKee.

 My show is a playground, but it is also a children's playground, I take very seriously. When I started, with the highest priority. And this show is that I usually work with so far. But the more experience I have gained, the more I will finish my own material Vivienne McKee.

 Crazy Christmas Cabaret started in 1982, and a year of exception, it was a tradition of theater, the Danish audience with crazy Christmas performances.

Vivienne Mckee is the driving force where she was also written this year and staged the show, alongside with, as one of the seven actors, which seems to be more with a variety of costume and role changes. Keep in mind the person DrVan of Elsinore Elsinore, who is a recurring character in all versions of Crazy Christmas Cabaret, whatever the show goes.

 Do not think the audience gets sit by and have fun. We will instead sit down to scream and even sing during the performance, especially if it seems completely illogical, not that crazy idea, which is less nutty.

Humorous insanity
"Never Say Bondage Is Not Enough" by Vivienne McKee is a Christmas cabaret, full of humorous insanity - without losing the sensitive balance between a little too much platitude and nonsense compared to the absolute very very funny.

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