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Tommy Kenter - Skuespiller og komiker


Everybody knows and loves Tommy Kenter. This is due to two things: he is a religious actor and entertainer, and partly possesses a rare mix of popularity and virtuosity. And that's why it always ends when Kenters name is on the role list.

Throughout time he has also created a wealth of glorious characters. Just think of Mrs Christof, who was immortalized with Per Pallesen in "Danish Natural Gas". And then there is the complete intolerable Rudy S. Kleutzner, whom we all love.

Tommy Kenter also has a lot of strings to play in the very opposite trench - in the show tradition. Thus, of course, there was a convicted success when he was singing a series of Oswald Helmuth shows in a whole television broadcast. On the same occasion, he also showed his great talent to play a role to perfection.

The latest show with Tommy Kenter: Kentex 3 "Come What Will Come - Just There's Red Beaten To" once again showed Tommy Kenter from his best side. Here you met Tommy Kenter in a number of his famous characters - plus a lot of new ones.

A life outside and on stage

Then Tommy Kenter has gradually come up to the age when there is really something to tell about an omnipresent existence - both privately and on stage. Kenter has consciously waited a few years to get a little more and repeat the guaranteed success when the last pieces of life are falling into place. But as he hopes: "The best is still to come".

However, do not wait so long to make sure you are this extremely personable and extremely entertaining and fun portrayal of a life outside and on stage. There's no fingers between Kenter's skinless and moving minds go back to childhood, which indirectly shaped the stage artist we know today.

The cost of success has often been sky-high - and full of spiritual and physical stimulus ... like the highlights - the grandiose moments - have been stimulants and nourishment in themselves.

The music has always played a major role in Kenters life - so do not he be tempted to also tell stories on the piano? The direct contact with the audience is almost a necessity for Kenter
- so of course the evening will be rounded off with a chat with the audience, which will give you the opportunity to ask for the more hidden in your career.

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