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Many know the humorous female duo Søs og Kirsten for various skits that many have laughed during the women's long career. Most recently, the duo performed with the show "Søs og Kirsten - With a look" as they toured with in 2003.

Subsequently, they had smaller appearances in various charity shows, but now we can look forward to more fun from Cohen page.

Kirsten and I'm actually starting to write something new. So right now we'll see actually every day, so it's a lot of fun, says a smiling Søs Egelind to LEAF at this year Svend Price in Svendborg.

Neighbors many years
Søs og Kirsten has had ample opportunity to see each other every day for the past 13 years, since they live next to each other. Despite the nearness there has not been time to be taken as often as now when they write new material.

Søs Egelind is looking forward to seeing what her and Kirsten material becomes, but with their joy for film could well indicate that it was on the big screen instead of the boards, as it so often has been.

S og K traveled back in 1999 and 2000 around the country for a myriad of closed gatherings with excerpts from the show "S og K LIVE in the Kingdom". The show was also launched on video and DVD: last appeared in 2004 'Kingdom - ALT "where all the sections are assembled, and thus put an end to the popular series, which for 5 years was shown on TV2 ..

 It was created more than 80 different people in "the Kingdom". The ideas for them were all based on Seas and Kirsten's and director Jens Folmer Jepsen's daily lives - and all they move around in different environments: Eg we meet them immature Dichael and his aunt Elly - the first time on a package holiday and since the music festival .. We also meet Gunnar and Annalise, the two "småkorrupte" and boozer sports journalists, Teddy Bear and Ivan, and many more .. - Everything is terrific fun and everything has any basis in reality somewhere.

 Tremendous fun is what show, S og K in 2003 toured around the country with sold-out under the title "S og K - peeping Tom". It was certainly no ordinary show: Everything was built around a - for S og K - characteristic gallery that includes both brand new characters and a variety of known and loved from "The Kingdom". In November 2003 released the show on both DVD as video - and the critics rewarded S og K with "Reumert Award 2003" for "Best Show".

 In February and March 2006 appeared S og K with a number of successful shows at Sørup Manor near Ringsted, and in the autumn of 2006 - could be experienced at Damhuskroen with a show where many of the famous characters from "The Kingdom" is.

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