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Lars Hjortshøj

Konferenciers / hosts, Stand-Up / Comedy

Lars Hjortshøj is one of the comedy industry's most experienced boys. In the fall of 2015 he toured with another critically acclaimed show "REVERSE", and so do you know him as a prominent figure in the Danish media image - most recently in "Around the Floor" on TV2 and Hjortshøjs Badabing Show at P4.

Therefore, you must book Lars Hjortshøj

Whether it is in the role of stand-ups or ceremonies, excels Lars Hjortshøj with his insane talent to impale everyday absurdities and human behavior in a way that his audience sobs of laughter! He is one of the best performers we have here at home - and both the audience and the press agree: Lars Hjortshøj is one of the country's leading comedians.
- "[...] The international carat. No less "- BT, 5 stars (2015)

- "[...] Sharp, witty, brutally and aggressive" - ​​Politiken, 4 Hearts (2015)

- "Sharp, ironic and sympathetic" - Nordjyske Herald-Tribune, 5 stars (2015)

Lars Hjortshøj, it is not him ...?
• REVERSE (2015), one-man show
• Hjortshøjs Badabing show (2014), P4
• Round on the floor, (2013-2015), TV2 host
• My Danish Collection (2013) one-man show
• Live from Bremen (2009-2013), TV2
• In Reality (2009), one-man show
• Clown (2005-2008), TV2
• Far from Las Vegas (2001- 2003), TV 2 ZULU

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