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It is harsh and unvarnished stories , the Norwegian-born writer Kim Leine write up in his works. From the debut autobiographical story of his historical novel " The prophets in Evighedsfjorden " revolves Leine about people who are thrown into the harsh life courses , marked by abuse and escape . It is restless types torn between the harsh and present life in Greenland and the flat Denmark . Kim Leines stories are about to confront one's inner demons and find themselves on good and evil. His stories also gives a fascinating picture of it at once raw and alluring life in Greenland .

In 2012 released Kim Leine book "Profeterne i Evighedsfjorden" which is a historical novel about the prophets Habakkuk and Mary Magdalene.

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Born: 28 August 1961 in Norway.
Education: Graduate Nurse at Bispebjerg Nursing school in 1987.
Debut: Kalak . Penguin, 2007.
Literature Awards : Bodil and Jørgen Munch- Christensen's Cultural Foundation, 2007. The Golden Laurel , 2013. Nordic Council Literature Prize , 2013.

Latest release : Prophets in Evighedsfjorden . Penguin, 2012.

Idols : "Human I have shown no real idols, because there is always a horrible man behind the facade , and thank God for that. But professionally , I have since quite a few : Hamsun, Tolstoy, Flaubert and Margaret Atwood among others "

Hobbies: " Regarding hobbies I can not really think of anything. Yes, literature, but it may not apply ? And then I like to walk around the city and in malls and stare at people and imagine that I am one among them. "


Kim Leine was born and raised in Norway. Childhood years he spent in a small village , and both the village community and the family was greatly influenced by their beliefs as Jehovah's Witnesses. When Kim was five years old, his father broke with the family and the believers life and moved to Copenhagen . At 17 he left Kim Leine also his mother, stepfather and younger brother and ran off to Copenhagen to seek out his father. Kim lived for several years with his father and his male lover . Here began a sexual abuse , where his father several years abused his son.

After high school took Kim Leine trained as a nurse, moved in with Lærke , got married and had children John and Marie . As a trained nurse , Kim Leine jobs in Nuuk, and the family moved to Greenland . It was several stays in Nuuk and various places on the east coast of Greenland , which in total lasted 15 years. Along the way marriage with Lærke worn out , and Leine lived a dissolute life with numerous affairs with alcohol and finally escalating drug use. In 2004, Kim Leine free of his drug addiction and moved back to Denmark . In 2007 he realized at the age of 46 years the literary dream that is why he has since the age of 12 has read and written continuously.


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