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Jesper Theilgaard - vejrudsigtsforedrag - Formidling-bookingJesper Theilgaard - born in 1955 and trained meteorologist IN 1978.

Worked first in Copenhagen Airport, but in 1990 he came to the DMI and,
concurrently assigned DR and TV news. In 2002 he was hired in the DR and is today the weather editor responsible for the academic content of DR's weather service. Along the way, Jesper Theilgaard written over 30 books - large and small - about the weather in different forms. In 2007, he received Gyldendals nonfiction price of kr. 100,000 for the work "The Danish weather." In 2011 he became the year's octopus with a background in major floods, Denmark and especially Copenhagen were affected by that year. Jesper Theilgaard participating in international conferences on the climate issue, where his interest is the dissemination of knowledge about global warming, which he often uses in his many lectures on the problem. Just talk the company has gradually become extensive since he mastered both the more intimate form with the culture and the music as the focal point, and the more hardcore about related lectures on climate and weather.

Jesper Theilgaard lectures:

Lecture 1: 25 years at DR - both television and radio
September 1990 tinted Jesper Theilgaard first time on screen in the Danish living rooms. It's 25 years ago and he is still going strong. "But it has been 25 fantastic years with many fun experiences," says he, and there is certainly a lot to talk about. This applies both very direct and personal experiences, but also the answer to how he was able to stay on top for so many years. Jesper Theilgaard will unveil its approach has always had for the job, and herein lies perhaps the secret of how to avoid losing the spark. There is also a history of technical progress - both in relation to the weather and to the development of the entire television medium. The lecture can be combined as they want the organizer may have.

Lecture 2: COP21 - we can use the result to something?
In December, the UN negotiated a global climate agreement in place. It is well known that the agreement itself is not adequate enough to save the climate, but what the agreement contains, and it is possible to improve it, so the result is better? Jesper Theilgaard was in Paris every 14 days during the conference and followed the negotiations closely.

Lecture 3: Global warming - Consequences and opportunities
It must by now have gone up for all that the weather - and climate - is changing. Summer rain is in these years more violent than we have seen before. We have obviously had wet summers before - and also with as many mm, but the way the rain fell on has changed. The worst was the cloudburst in Copenhagen on 2 July 2011, but the number of cloudburst we have not previously seen to the same extent, and today it has become an ordinary type of weather. The image of an increased intensity in weather seen many other places in the world - both heavier precipitation and more extreme drought. The consequences of change is huge for it goes beyond agriculture, water supply, buildings, ocean life, etc. Therefore, the economic costs giant. But what is the reason and what do we do? For along with the many risks arise too many options. It will Theilgaard happy to discuss both companies, schools and associations! In addition, follow Theilgaard climate negotiations close and also include traveled around Laos along with HRH Prince Joachim, who in his capacity as patron of CARE as the climate programs in the impoverished country.