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Per Pallesen - vinsmagningsarrangementer - foredrag
Lectures 1. Memoirs

Per Pallesen has been a fool for a lifetime. He became a common sight as the
cheeky serve Boldt in Matador - a figure he based on a real character from his home town, Aars.

For many years he made his mark on Danish revue with its whimsical Hjørring
revues. Later came the television success Danish Natural Gas, among others immortalized figure Mathisen.

And together with his partner Søren Pilmark he set a milestone in the Danish
entertainment with the insane Pallesen-Pilmark Show.

Per says in his lecture on an adventurous sceneliv and a private life that
sometimes have bruises, one ex-wife that he is still glad a new life companion, whom he loves. And for all the others he loves.
Plus a few, he certainly did not love.

Lecture 2. Wine / wine tasting
Per Pallesen himself claims that in the world of wine only amateur. But he could just as well have called the ambassador, few have as he helped to spread the interest for wine in Denmark - and done so with such a big impact.

His home has a well-stocked wine cellar goes without saying. It's his hobby, he says - a hobby he's had since 1962. So it has been for some bottles and reading about the golden drops.

Per Pallesen's knowledge of the area is becoming a large and wide-ranging, both in relation to each wine-producing countries such as the individual districts.

He keeps about 25 wine lectures per year, and has visited most wine-producing countries - Australia, Chile, California and throughout Europe.

He is interested in wine Brotherhoods in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cahors, Armagnac and Alsace. He is a Chevalier de Confrerie des Chevaliers you Tastevin, a member of the Order Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs and honorary member of Fédération Cuisinier Exclusive d'Europe.

The book The Joy of wine is a collection of small, fine stories where famous Danes talk about their beautiful, funny, wet - and largest - wine experiences.

About the first time the interest in wine really struck sparks to be forgotten in a locked cellar, and how it can go so far that you have to lick the precious drops up from the airport floor.

In the joy of wine leads Per Pallesen along with his many friends wine happy reader on a different journey into the world of wine. Here you do not have to smell the month, the grapes are picked.

Lecture 3. Combination Lecture on memories combined with wine tasting
Per Pallesen is actor, director and theater director. Among other things participated in numerous Danish films, TV series, plays, revues, musicals and shows.

Per Pallesen has written the books:
• The joy of wine.
• Eat in ancient Rome - Trastevere.
• Eat in Rome's side streets.
• Eat well and cheaply in my Provence.
• Eat in Rome - again.

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