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"The moon is on the floor"
 "The fact that Laura and Channe has played and sung together for so many years, give them something no one else has - they have a mutual depth and understanding far beyond the usual - and then they are simultaneously piss talented musicians with some great fucking songs." - Soren Mikkelsen, Medley Records

 Laura Illeborg and Channe Nussbaum (aka "mugger") have been friends and musicians for more than 25 years. Now they publish their second album together, this time with brand new buns on little less soup, not least because of intense cooperation with Soren Mikkelsen as a producer, actor and 'project'.

The music appears like a coin with two sides. Neat neat and straightforward on the one hand with wild agitation and anxiety on the other. Not unlike the companion cabinet. Denmark's uncrowned Klezmer queen and the gentle, blonde singer songwriter - together they have something special.

The big difference compared to the first album (2012) is that this time they have their own 'sound' with him in the studio. In the first experiment, they found out the details along the way, and in the studio, with a rapidly brought together band from acquaintances. It all started with a chance in a completely different context and a different song. The music of words and contradictions

The music is both easy and complicated to describe. The dust visepop, urban Danish country or errant show people are fine tender but not sufficient.

 Moon Lying On Floor is whatever words a unique collection of evocative songs, cast in the big city blissful entirety and dusty winds. Behind Laura's bright melancholy poetry and vidtluftige tones lies the danger constantly lurking with Nussbaum of the dark and chaos-loving vocals.

 The rousing tunes rolled ashore without getting too close to the pier where boredom and predictability floundered on kap.Den is poetic, nice and polished sound with a window to the world, but the panic has spread and spread, in the back room. Light, easy (-sindigt) floating and airy - with ominous heaviness behind the alluring facade.

It is polished and polished enjoyment with stabbing panic in the background, in the dark and windswept. Leonard Cohen started happily, but tense, producer co Illeborg and Nussbaum was choir on the latest album from duty Call (m. Torben Steno and Johan Olsen). During the filming of "Abbas Triste Wives" was produced by Søren Mikkelsen "turned over their unique sound." Among other things, because they reminded him of Leonard Cohen's chorus girls.

 They have had their own sound, experience and idea open up to and including Soren Mikkelsen's renowned production universe, and he has been allowed to control the battle and the broad outlines of an unprecedented - and unprecedented - level for the damedirrende duo. He has even been allowed to correct some of what they brought and picked all the "circus" of the music. Now there is less harp, fewer horns and bells than first planned.

 It has not always been easy for "The Triste Wives" (their new 'street name', according to Torben Steno) - Neither, for Søren Mikkelsen. It took a long 'talk' in the parking lot behind Medley study before all agreed on the basis for recording. the dual third and quality by old women, it is tempting to characterize the duo via the mutual contradictions.

 They come out clearly in their company and enhanced by their physical appearance. Laura is tall and leggy with pear blond hair and calm voice. Channe is small with dark curly hair, hectic speech and spontaneous. The White and the Black. The angel and the devil.

 They find common ground in the chaos that is also the result of their lifelong friendship. The "sets apart free in a common room." A room full of tranquility, party, anarchy, friendship and deep seriousness. The music appears as a cheerful dark coin with two sides. The duality of mate cabinet shows in great confidence, with doubts can take spontaneously over.

When Laura during a coffee smoky kitchen interview about life, lies and album, resigned sincerely asks if you "even bother to listen to us two old women?" Nussbaum nods sympathetically, but complain about the setting and answers the question moldy and whining in the affirmative: "OF COURSE they will what! "A description of those who go back, it is with the old couple and the huge spark and energy.

For better or worse. But - there are many good reasons to listen to them and one of them is that they are 'some old women'. Furthermore, it is also not so fashionable to be young and perfect as it has been.

The models are a little more weight and naturalness and we exchange used and recycles as never before. Plastic is in bad standing - and thanks for that. The Hungarian travel drowned in the nineties to songwriter holiday in Rome That Soren Mikkelsen has worked as an art project with pulse and overview of the spread between the Torben Steno praise has called a 'faded estrogen knock', there is a bit of historical poetry and irony.

 Laura and mugger met in 1992 "when there were long-term unemployed-projects" and hated each other for the first 6 months.

Laura seemed Channe everything was all too much and Channe thought Laura was a-ass and too nice girl. A choir trip to Hungary peeled of both facades of the booze and tied them together.

They are still here, too nice and too much. Most of the songs are written in an apartment in Rome, rented through composer Association DPA. Despite their common history and a tradition of partying as part of the traveling, working effectively as they should.

Illeborg and Nussbaum has already received Thøger Olesen Award for the single "Moon lying on the floor", so that way the plate was well underway.

Now comes the rest - and what is it they can, the two - and why are they not long since become world famous in Denmark.

There have been plenty of half and full inlet for both, but to the top with lasting views it has not yet become. "We've never been good enough in the strategic area - and then there are damn enough some rob that should have been licked a little more," says Laura, which Channe switch firmly: "There are definitely some dicks we did not get sucked under way "which Laura nods thoughtfully.

Exchange of words is telling. They agree on the goals and substance, but expresses it differently. The dreams, the music and the will lives be equally strong and better than ever, in both the - not always so sad - wives - and the moon is on the floor. Contact: Peter

Illeborg & Nussbaum new lunatics adventure
 Small four years after the debut album "Illeborg & Nussbaum," turning a musical couple Laura Illeborg and Channe Nussbaum back with the new album "Moon lying on the floor."

The texts on the new album revolves around topics as diverse as Copenhagen, love, mercury, evening prayer, spring, Fano and much else that is Laura Illeborg and Channe Nussbaum concern.

 The first single "Even Nørrebro" came about like this: "I live so I can look out over the Garrison Cemetery in Østerbro in Copenhagen. Down on the cemetery there are a lot of big fat cats.

A quiet night I sat and thought about life and death and heard the sound of a cat that howled at the moon in the night, and I was sure that it was Channes cat Lusse. Lusse is at least 100 years old and in that time I have known Channe (24 years) born at least 50 kittens. Lusse runs out at night, and in that way a very lucky Københavnerkat. How did the text, "explains Laura.

 11 new songs, it has been for the new album, however, is brought to life in a different way than the debut. Channe explains: "We do not work the same way with the two plates. The debut album was an experiment with musicians we knew and our collaboration was initially via mail when I worked at Aarhus Theatre in the period. Laura sent texts and I composed the music for them and sent them back as songs, so that is the genesis of the songs were not like now, when we have been working closely together. "

The new album is produced by Soren Mikkelsen (Sys Bjerre, Power Corridors, Savage Rose, etc.) in Medley Studios.

 The two have known each other for many years, and their first meeting is lost in the mists back in the early 1990s. At that time, it led to various showgirl-tjanser and a strong friendship between the two, but not to any actual musical cooperation in the first place. On the contrary, continued and Laura Illeborg as Channe Nussbaum from their respective tracks, and both have in the past few decades have been very active on the Danish music scene.

 Channe Nussbaum has both sung pop rock, Melodi Grand Prix and released a solo album. However, she is best known as our foremost klezmer singer, a style she has successfully grown in bands like Spielniks, Trio Klezmer and Klezmofobia with whom she has toured the world around.

Laura Illeborg For its part, made its mark as a soloist in the melancholy-melodic end of the singer-songwriter genre.

She has been a trendsetter in modern Danish music show with four upmarket received solo albums as well as a duo record with Jens Lysdal.

 The duo's debut album was released in 2012 to great enthusiasm from both reviewers and listeners - but with many other musical irons in the fire, there should go four years before the new album "Moon Lying On Floor" was ready.

 But Illeborg & Nussbaum project is a needed and creative space that can be something completely different. Laura says: "It is great good to be two. There is really very hard work to be done when you can not help but make music. When only himself and alone, the wall at times seem insurmountable and impossible.

We are very good at getting things done when we are together. So we are also what out of it, that there is a great joy to merge when one's own thing merges with someone else, love like ", and Channe elaborates:" We complement and compliment each other - it's great to share victories and defeats, it's great to be high on the songs .... and super cool to sing along. I am mostly every lady in all my other projects and I are not best friends with my other music colleagues as I am with Laura. "

 "The moon is on the floor" is published d. April 1 at Target Records as CD and digitally. Illeborg & Nussbaum plays concerts throughout the country immediately after the release and the rest of the year. "

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