>Orgel Allan<


Orgel Allan

Alle børn kender ham fra Snurre Snups Søndagsklub på TV2.

Orgel Allan er verdens bedste orgelspiller og så kan han også trylle
og lave de flotteste ballon dyr.

Orgel Allan er blandt de populæreste herhjemme, når det gælder
børneunderholdning for hele familien.


There is no one who can put music to children's love poems, which ham.Orgel allan fulfill immediately all the children's wishes and just as talented as he is to play and sing, he is also to dance, magic and make balloon animals.

Organ Allan is Bubbers friend from Bugs Bunny's Sunday Club on TV 2og the composer who has written the most numbers of TV in Denmark. He has exercised the keys since he was 5 years and for the last 10 years been one of the most popular children's entertainers at home.

Allan trained as an actor at The Commedia School and École Philippe Gaulier in London. He has successfully include entertained the following locations: Tivoli, the Royal. Ballet, Magasin, Illum's Scala, Bakken, City 2, South Bank, Frederiksberg City Hall, Ekstra Bladet and several hundred schools and institutions and festivals in Roskilde, Skanderborg, Funen, Samso

1 x 30 min. or 2 x 20 min.

Organ Allan Bugs Bunny's Sunday Club TV3 TV2

A very entertaining clown show where the clown Albert plays on his own grand piano suddenly cave in while the keys are flying by and the phone chimes.

But it does not so much because he can also sing and dance - unless his tie, which constantly scrolls up, sitting in the road.

1 x 30 min. or 2 x 20 min

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