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Bodil Cath - hofreporter - foredragBodil Cath can do more than write. She is also a good storyteller.

Bodil Cath was born in South Jutland in 1945 and trained as a journalist
at Frederikshavn Avis.

She was employed at B.T. in 1970, first as a business reporter, and
in 1973 as head of the royal area.

She stopped at B.T. in 2008. On 29 October 2009 was published
Cath with its dramatic, funny and touching memoirs
"My Life as Cath."

Bodil Cath lectures:

My life as Cath
Cath with the unmistakable Southern Jutland dialect recounts in her memoir about all the experiences life as Cath has given her.

She began her career as a crime reporter, but eventually became synonymous with the royal news.

She has covered all the major royal events, christenings, birthdays, weddings and funerals and traveled the globe on the heels of the royal family.

Gala Dinner with George H. W. Bush and a stay at King Fahd's palace in Saudi Arbaien. These are some of the experiences Bodil has been with her from her time as court reporter.

Cath, who for 35 years has covered the royal news for Dagbladet B.T., shared generously and cheerfully out of her many stories of the time among the royal, when she lectured.

- I did not in my wildest dreams imagined that I would ever get the chance to talk to President George H. W. Bush - contemporary powerful man, said Cath laughter mildly, as she told of a visit to the White House that took place during the Gulf War.

But during a gala dinner in the president's residence, came the mighty man directly to the journalist who stood with Her Majesty the Queen.

- At first I thought he was moving towards Her Majesty, so I took three steps back, but it turned out to be me he would talk to.

The president had been in the Memorial, a place Bodil knows inside out from hes upbringing in Southern Jutland and they spoke the two for a while.

- Six minutes does not sound like a long time, but it is when you talk to a president, said Bodil and burst out laughing.

And also have Bodil pressure Nelson Mandela in his hand three times, been to dinner with Marshal Tito and danced with Desmond Tutu.