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The 3Tops are an up and coming addition to the Seattle jazz scene. Their first album, So This Is Love, was released under Pony Boy Records in January, 2008. Her repertoire is classy and soulful.

A variety of first rate instrumental combinations are available, from guitar or piano duos, for small ocassions, to full combos with horns for larger events.

With a fresh new approach to a classic art form, The band gracefully captures the style and charisma of jazz with their sultry voice and laid back expression. Calm and alluring, their tunes will relax you into the finest essence of vocal jazz.

Welcome ... to The3Tops - Denmark's other woman band no. 1!

The Band consists of singers and musicians based in Copenhagen and Jutland music scene.

We are seasoned musicians with years of experience, and have all sung and played music most of our lives in many different contexts.

The music is a passion, and we love to "duke it out" and to enjoy ourselves and have fun with the audience.

Dance Music:
Live music sets the mood of the weather for any celebration and helps to get everyone on the dance floor.

The band "fire up" during the dance floor with shimmering cloth, high spirits and lots of time in it!

Musical entertainment

Musical entertainment can either be a feature during or after dinner for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, conference or similar.

It may also be entertainment on mornings or afternoons in OK-clubs, associations etc.

If you wish, we sing like for a couple of common songs. It gives a nice atmosphere to sing along.

It is possible for different tema'er depending on each event, including .:

Danish classics from the 50s to the 00s "which lends itself well to such. older associations.
It is lovely popular songs with beautiful melodies and lyrics.

"Romance in the air" for example. a wedding or as evocative backdrop to a Candlelight Dinner, where we sing the most beautiful ballads from home and abroad.

Anders Blichfeldt
Anna David
Anne Dorte Michelsen
Annemette Hess
Anne Herdorf - swingsangerinde
Annette Heick
Anne Linnet
Anita Lerche
Ann-Mette Elten
Arvid the Crooner

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