>Joachim Boldsen - håndboldforfatter - klummeskribent<

Joachim Boldsen has been a big part of the international handball arena and thus part of the media landscape over the past 10-12 years . A time that has brought great experiences on and off the field , but also has some bruises along the way .

Joachim Boldsen Throughout his career played 186 matches and has been active in some of the world's largest handball clubs, such as SG and FC Barcelona.

Joachim Boldsen is present . some of the most groundbreaking project in Danish men's handball , AG Copenhagen .

Along the way it has been for countless titles , culminating in the European Championships gold in 2008 but also defeats , which lost three Champions League finals testify .

In addition, Joachim Boldsen released autobiographyÆrlig talt from 2007 textbook "Ball 's handball " from 2009.

Joachim Boldsens lecture offers a mix of motivation, anecdotes and interesting stories from a long life in the professional sports world. All in close interaction with the audience .

About the lecture :

- When Joachim talks about his own experiences, to get completely under the skin of a public person who deep down has some properties that will surprise most .

- During the lecture, Joachim take you behind the scenes in a world which is full of fascinating experiences , but also is a game filled with false hopes , and an inhuman pressure.

- Get a good laugh when I hear about funny / quirky episodes from national and club teams.

Joachim combines also like to talk with autograph sessions , and / or as a guest coach .

Joachim Boldsen - håndboldforfatter - klummeskribent



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