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Adrian Lloyd Hughes is a TV presenter with , inter alia, The panelists and speaker . Adrian Lloyd Hughes is a native of Wales , but moved to Denmark as a child. He has also , later training as a journalist . In the Danish mentality is he probably undoubtedly best known as the host of the television programs on art and culture, not least Smagsdommerne on DR 2 and DR K, which has been sent for many years . Hughes began his career as a journalist in 1985 as an intern at DR. He has abejdet the youth program P4 in P1 and also worked at TV2 Lorry . In 1996 he was employed by DR 2 , where he has been a familiar face for many years , including for Culture Journal, Culture Friday , Theme Tuesday Spot and of course , Smagsdommerne . He is also the host of Art Quiz at DR K.

Adrian Lloyd Hughes lecture :

Lecture 1: Intermediate circumstances
Why are 138 clear plastic bags filled with water in a fog filled room a great work of art , and why does anyone in high spirits by looking at Franz Marc's Yellow Cow ? Why is Velázquez's portrait of Pope Innocent "too true " and what do you get out of visiting Olafur Eliasson's Your Rainbow Panorama on Aros ? Adrian Hughes claims to have been the arbiter of taste from its crowded thirteenth year. Based on specific artworks he has seen at first hand , he causerer why dissemination of art and culture was both his leisure and full-time employment . He also tells why art is more important than gasoline prices, and the difference between fine and coarse rolled oats.

Lecture 2: Opera for Beginners
Many perceive opera as an inaccessible art form where one has to squeeze into a tuxedo and pointy shoes before you even get past the billettøren , and then you still find themselves sleeping in uncomfortable plydsstole most of the performance. It understands Adrian Lloyd Hughes to the fullest , because he often seems that the genre itself teetering between the ridiculous and the sublime enchanting. With excerpts from both popular and lesser-known works , he tells how he came stumbling in the process of this particular genre , narrating some of the greatest and most shaking his head moronic moments he put ears and eyes .

Lecture 3: What is art and what is it worth?
These questions are often asked Adrian Hughes , and in this lecture he answered more fully than he has the chance on TV and radio . At a time when more and more go to art museums and find it hard to tell the difference between what the artists have produced and what the cleaning staff left , gives Hughes his bid for a definition of artistic quality . Adrian Lloyd Hughes also leads the audience through the opaque mechanisms that lead to the affordability of art, and along the way give Hughes tips on how you can start collecting art. During the lecture shown numerous examples of both controversial and more folkekær art, and emphasis is eagerly up to dialogue with the audience.

Lecture 4: A song tonight with Adrian Hughes at the piano
Most people have two problems to sing their modesty and their memory. We think we sing bad and we can none of the texts we wanted to hear again . The problems have Adrian Hughes resolved. He began playing piano at such a late age, the musical ears curl together when he still tries . Therefore, there is never the audience present who sings worse than he plays. And the lyrics to the large evergreens , he has written into the Magna -Print so everyone can participate. And you regret never an evening of song and cup sound , the brain oxygenated physically and mentally when you sing . Adrian Lloyd Hughes therefore invites a discursive and happy evening with his friends , who are wide ranging from Kai Normann Andersen, PH , Kim Larsen and Benny to The Beatles and Elton John .

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