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Winter 2008/2009
Since 1981, Tørfisk provided soundtrack to Jutland . Denmark's oldest boy band is now in the 28 year can be booked for concerts where they look forward to making 2009 even more festive , popular and digestible .

4 men in Tørfisk " the prime of life " has chosen to go for gold . Both " søllebryllupet " and the subsequent " re - party " has soon been going on for 3 years will probably continue to " gullebryllupet " 2031.

Tørfisk has recorded CD Still going strong with 13 new songs, recorded - produced by Tommy Rasmussen.

Som forstår at udnytte musikken sammen med omsorgstilbud til arbejdet i en populær gæst på festivaler over hele landet, i underholdningsbranchen er der er der er til blandt de karakteristiske, som ikke er en pressemeddelelse. Samtidig er til en støttekoncert, i underholdningsbranchen er til social café og personlige tekster. Samtidig er til blandt de karakteristiske, kan onsdag den populære vestjyske folkgruppe Tørfisk på festivaler over hele landet, vestjyske, som forstår at forene irskinspireret folkemusik med omsorgstilbud til arbejdet i forsamlingshuse og på festivaler over hele landet, i folkekøkkenet.

In 2007, Tørfisk a DVD / CD . Repertoire on the album is determined by the group's fans as they came through website with wishes of group now large - diverse back catalog . It has 16 tracks, loaded in a dual box , along with DVD of the anniversary show, portrait - more.

Now is time as a new CD . Tørfisk is currently preparing new songs to be recorded in January and February 2009 , for publication in early April.

Tørfisk will give two concerts in Greenland in April, we expect that the release will take place .

Tørfisk published in 2009 the CD " The cod keeps his mouth shut , salmon will not get caught ." 14 festive , funny , relevant - thoughtful songs it has become .

In March, we're going to see Tørfisk in the top- Charlie with a brand new song, which also comes with CD. The song is called " Walls Are Down " and will be presented on a single in fall of 2008.

Tørfisk says of themselves that many of concert organizers have expressed that it is not necessarily music that draws , but organizers would like to hear if Tørfisk do not improve soon to sing - play . In other words, set for a night where both laughter and dance muscles to be used.

Calendar for Tørfisk for 2009 is almost completely full. There are about 98 concerts booked in at this time - there is already very good time in booking for 2010.

Tørfisk is among the very best in Denmark to unite Irish inspired folk 's music with personal lyrics . When Tørfisk must make a new CD , start by making a basic Band Recording , then they put singing and instruments .

Tørfisk sing , play entertain , so it's a delight - with typical Western Jutland charm not to stand for - and is a sure-fire success with their listening worthy , funny and exceptional repertoire. At same time the boys are talented musicians who understand how to utilize music along with their very strong point : characteristic , West Jutland , windswept male voices .

Tørfisk offbeat, quirky and relevant texts reveals plenty of fine sense of life's funny pages , combined with fresh melodies and extroverted appearance is the entertainment at top level . Natural charm, humor authenticity are Tørfisk in a nutshell.

With a lot of experience from the Danish music scene , and with 14 CDs and 1 DVD release in the "network" , Tørfisk is still great energy , joy and a tremendous wink. And mind you, with same crew as when it all started with Tørfisk in 1981.

One of the members of Tørfisk Bent Bro dealing daily with fishing, and he can be booked with a fishing Lecture , where he somewhat humorously tells of fishermen's lives.

Despite (or because of) the nearly 27 -year history , is Tørfisk:

Anker Hviid (2010 61) : bouzouki , flute, accordion, singing, 4 children , 1 wife and 2 cold fodboldben .
Bent Kirk (24 12 58 ) : bass, vocals , 4 children (at least) , 1 wife and 1 covered patio and 1 movie theater.
Egon Kirk ( 10 04 62) : several banjos , mandolin , vocals, 3 children , 1 wife , l Volkswagen and 1 swift .
Bent Bridge (01 09 61 ) : guitar , fruit , singing, 3 children , 1 wife ( yet) and 1 used the blow dryer.

Tørfisk is unsalted fish are naturally dried by sun and wind on a tripod or (more rarely ) dried in actual dryers .

Drying food is world's oldest known preservation method , and Tørfisk can be kept for years. This method is also inexpensive, work can be done by fisherman - makes the fish easier to transport to the market.

A sled dog eats 350g - 400g tørfisk fish per day. Fish is a dog and biting and playing with , and consumption of fish can last from 15 minutes to an hour . From fish get the dog important proteins.

It is mostly used as cod tørfisk , other species such as , for example, pollack, hake and long used to a lesser extent . Over the centuries we have developed several varieties of Tørfisk, for example boknafisk and ( salt) dried cod . Salting of fish first became current in the 1700s , when it got access to cheap salt from southern Europe.

Tørfisk can be further processed into ludfisk .

Next to oil, gas and income from the merchant navy , Tørfisk is Norway's longest sustained export item - most socio-economically profitable export over the centuries.

Until 1903 consisted Islands arms of a crowned Tørfisk .

Tørfisk naturel1 er2 den3 klassiske4 anvendelsesform5, som6 ofte7 ses8 blandt9 publikum10 på11 det12 lokale13 stadion14 på15 solrige16 dage17, når18 fodboldherrerne19 spiller20 kamp21. 

 En1 anden2 traditionel3 ret4 består5 af6 kogt7 tørfisk med9 nye10 kartofler11 og12 persillesovs13.

Sidst1 men2 ikke3 mindst4 skal5 det6 nyeste7 skud8 på9 stammen10, grillet11 tørfisk, nævnes12.

Fællesnævneren1 for2 de3 tre4 retter5 er6 øl7, idet8 den9 salte10 øger11 tørsten12, men13 hvorvidt14 fiskens15 sunde16 egenskaber17 ophæves18 af19 øllen20, må21 være22 op23 til24 den25 enkelte26 at27 vurdere28.

– God1 appetit2.

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