Le Gabs





Le Gabs

Le Gabs is a band that always creates atmosphere and celebration.

We have the pleasure to present to you the accomplished orchestra Le Gabs .

This orchestra has over many years built up an enormous popularity in all the venues where they perform for an always enthusiastic audience.

LE GABS consists of four experienced musicians who each have played in many different contexts in the end they are found together in this band.

The repertoire as LE GABS have is incredibly wide and varied , especially with lots of sixties music, which is very popular . They also play a lot of 70s music and up to today's best tracks from both foreign and Danish top artists.
They also play reinterpretations of traditional Irish numbers Danish pop , brand new Danish and international hits.

LE GABS has a large PA PLANT and great light , so they are able to deliver the goods from small places to large hall parties, festivals and corporate parties where you want good varied music to suit all tastes .

LE GABS has also been selected as this year's dance band at various venues at home in both 1999 and 2003 , a truly impressive performance , which shows that the band has always been known for great music , terrific entertainment and good humor. The dance floor is always packed when they rock .

LE GABS contains:
LEIF GABS : drums and chorus
ERIK NYGÅRD : keyboards and vocals
JESPER TUNGELUND : Guitar and vocals
KURT Johannesen : Bass and vocals


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