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Parish Priest , Master of Theology . , PhD, commentator , author and speaker

Kathrine Lilleør is one of the most active commentators and opinion . She is active in a variety of media with regular column in Berlingske Tidende . She is known as a committed critic and commentator , and she has written numerous articles and opinion pieces . She also wrote the book " True to the faith ," which is an interview with Naser Khader of faith, differences and similarities.

She has since 2002 been a member of the Ethics Council and since 2003 president of the Primary Council. And she has simultaneously contributed to a number of anthologies and written " From Heart to Heart - new interpretations of fairy tales ."

She is a much sought after speaker that can be used in a variety of contexts. She fills the halls all over the country . Here are some suggestions for lecture topics. The lectures tailored for all events.

True to the faith - talks about doubt , roots and the 72 virgins
In the book " True to the faith" has two distinctive voices in the debates of the priest Kathrine Lilleør and politician Naser Khader , come together to talk about their different beliefs about how the differences and similarities accounts when public debating issues such as ethics and morality , democracy, the necessity of faith and especially the relationship between men and women. Khader and Roxanne Lilleør know each other well , and therefore sparks fly when the distance is too long between points of view , and respect for the other lights off the pages .

A thoughtful presentation to anyone who would like to know more about the relationship between Christianity and Islam : what should the sacrament for? What can Kathrine Lilleør contribute when parents have lost a child ? Where do Naser Khader go when he needs comfort? How does Christianity to infidelity? Should headscarf banned? Should we have state mosques in Denmark ?

Life and Leadership - Lars Nørby Johansen seen by Kathrine Lilleør
When Lars Nørby Johansen as new Director of Falck announced mass layoffs in the old company , applauded the employees of him. What is it that he can ? Was he their executioner or their savior ? Deceiver or leads ?

In her interview book with the man who has become a symbol of good personal management when Kathrine Lilleør behind the business 's parades and professional answers , right up to the man Lars Nørby with his enthusiasm , doubts and regrets . Kathrine Lilleør , the art of asking and listening - and ask again . She gets underway Lars Nørby to tell the story of the Falck Group 4 Falck and G4S in a way it has never been told before . It is also the story of the Funen merchant who was a leftist university employee, before he found his role as a business leader and taught Falck , that it is both necessary and decent to monetize their work.

New inspirational lectures on management of Kathrine Lilleør and Lars Nørby Johansen based on conversation book.

Other lectures titles from Kathrine Lilleør
About values ​​(eg . Values-based leadership and ethics in management context )

Ethical issues and stories

Gender diversity , sin and love

Leadership and self-understanding

Value-Based Management

Power and powerlessness as management tools

Stories from the Bible

Seduction and imagination in Soren Kierkegaard

New interpretations of H.C.Andersens adventure

Love story in Henrik Pontoppidan's " kingdom of the dead "

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