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Ann & Aberne kicked festival underway

Kl. 10.00 was the festival's official program put on rails of Ann & Aberne. Tradition, many children from the city institutions present. This year the event moved to Skagen Hall, and when the weather now teases as it does, it turned out to be a good idea.

A good idea was also that it was Ann & Aberne standing for entertainment, for their playful, live music, and infectious humor, they were soon both children and adults to jump and dance around.

"When the kids (and adults) gives' the gas to our concerts, infecting the course of all of us. And I think it's too funny to jump high, "says Ann, who is the band's singer.

COME OUT AND PLAY ! - CD with Ann & Aberne.
- Playful and live music for kids!

"I knock, and asks if you want to play with me ? "

It's Ann & Aberne who invite their 5th CD.

8 new tracks to jump rope , play swing shape , playing ball and dress up with your friends. The music is rock and roll , reggae , samba , folk and pop.

Again, Ann & Aberne managed to make a number of catchy songs that affects children as it is their reality and everyday they describe . Songs like not only to be listened to, but also invites you to play and guesswork , creativity and imagination.

" When kids gives ' the gas to our concerts , infecting the course of all of us. And I think it's too funny to jump high , "says Ann, who is the band's singer.

When Ann & Aberne do not write new songs or in the studio to record , they're out in the country to keep happy abefester for children and other people.

They have since it was started played more than 300 concerts.

Ann & Aberne knows what it takes to create joy, involve the audience and get everyone to sweat when they play playful and live music for all.

Ann is the lead singer and active frontman and behind her are the 3 monkeys :
- Lars on drums and percussion - and he hits hard!
- Soren on bass and guitar - and he's a bit string!
- Shaft in keyboard playing on many tangents !

Ann & Aberne is playing in kindergartens, schools, to festivals, corporate parties , festivals .

Welcome to the Christmas party with Ann & Aberne that play Christmas carols with brand new tracks in the best binge style of hop , dance and sing - play .

Santa Claus , of course, also visited and with him it is possible to play and play all the good , old, familiar carols around the tree , including High from wood green top , Soren Banjomus and the attic is the Goblin.

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