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Muri & Mario


Summer 2012 was the year when Muri & Mario burst on the Danish charts with the single " She Took My Guitar " . A number were violent game on all its radios , clubs, the beach and the barbecue feasts - Without a doubt this summer's greatest scourge .

On the basis of one single could Muri & Mario add the following to the CV : More than 80 gigs , a streaming platinum certification, a DMA nomination for "Best Hit" and a " peoples choice award " in the youth magazine Poplick , also be required for " Net Hit " . Platinum certification in digital sales , is a few hundred downloads, from being a reality.

With so violently a breakthrough was however abruptly with a problem.
" The hard 2 º " had to be written and recorded , so that could be followed up at the great results . Among the many gigs , the time was therefore used in the study , which Muri & Mario had to write more than 20 songs before it finally was there.

One of the other songs in the pool was in a minute frolic posted to DMGP . This forgot Muri & Mario however happy about until the message arrived : It had come with . When they had done so far even without television contests, chosen by the band , however, to thank polite no thank you.

The new single " Mambo " is short and sweet is made from the motto not to change a winning lineup. That's why , like on " She Took My Guitar " , a good melody is in focus and there may again be sung with the first play . Muri 's self-ironic and humorous text and Marios characteristic Italian hooks are made ​​for each other .

It's written and recorded at the legendary Medley Studios, with hit producer Søren Mikkelsen behind the buttons . All tests in the target group clearly concluded that it again looks like a serious scourge from Muri & Mario.

Maybe even bigger than the previous

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