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Michael Hardinger - foredraget: 40 år i A dur

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Michael Hardinger - foredraget: 40 år i A dur
Michael Hardinger was born in Sweden , lived as a child in Italy, went to school in Denmark , traveled to the United States in 1993 and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the intervening period , he co- founded Shubidua , written 400 songs plates, Christmas calendars and Danish film . "Been gallery owner in California and operated recording studio in Los Angeles and repaired 14 dilapidated houses .

Michael Hardinger lectures :

40 years in A Major
Forget Nietzsche, Marx forget , forget Stauning and Mao and Che Guevara ! My fate was sealed on 4 Hall. The Beatles played . I was 14 years old and until then I wanted to be a doctor Forget it! I saw here standing there" and I sat so close to Lennon that I could voice his guitar, said Michael Hardinger .

Student protest in 1967 I did not participate in. I had nothing to rebel against. I did what suited me in advance and samfundsomstyrtning jutted I could not care Almost a Lennon quote) .

Michael Hardinger continues: In the 60s there was not much understand that you probably could live to play it that stupid pop music. But what did the adults and what it has been shown that they knew . Nothing ! Not true, MYLLE ?
"So I did it " My way " with a lot of work and a fair amount of luck in the syringe.
"How many times have I heard " Yeah, if I'd had time , I also play guitar , but I gotta do my law office.
Well , a Gibson guitar was my lawyer's office and on the way I had tried a life of which were quite different than what was on the cards when I was apprenticed in plumrose in 1965 , says Michael Hardinger .

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